Nexperia offering automotive planar Schottky diodes in CFP3-HP packaging

Nexperia is now offering a portfolio of 22 new planar Schottky diodes in CFP3-HP packaging.

The portfolio includes 11 industrial, as well as 11 AEC-Q101 qualified products. This release supports the growing trend for manufacturers to replace devices in SMx-type packaging with smaller footprint CFP-packaged devices, especially in automotive applications. These diodes are suitable for use in, for example, DC-DC conversion, freewheeling, reverse polarity protection and OR-ing applications.

For maximum design flexibility, device options in this portfolio are offered with reverse voltages VR(max) ranging from 30 V to 100 V and forward currents IF(average) between 1 A and 3 A. The exposed heatsink, which is a feature of the CFP3-HP, enables it to provide the highest level of heat dissipation (Ptot) for such a small package footprint (3.7 mm x 1.8 mm x 0.9 mm).

Utilising the proprietary copper clip design, these packages meet the demands of efficient and space-saving designs. Today, CFP packaging is used by different power diode technologies such as Nexperia’s Schottky and recovery rectifiers but can also be extended to bipolar transistors - offering significant product diversity.