Infineon unveils 950 V CoolMOS P7 superjunction MOSFET

Infineon Technologies has added a new member to its CoolMOS P7 family, the 950 V CoolMOS P7 Superjunction MOSFET.

The device has been designed to meet more rigorous design requirements for lighting, smart meters, mobile chargers, notebook adapters, AUX power supplies and industrial SMPS applications. This solution delivers improved thermal and efficiency performance while providing a lower bill of materials and reeduced production costs.

The 950 V CoolMOS P7 provides DPAK R DS(on) enabling higher density designs. In addition, the V GS(th) tolerance makes the MOSFET easy to drive and design-in. Similar to the other members of the P7 family, this component comes with an integrated Zener diode ESD protection, resulting in better assembling yields and lower cost, and less ESD related production issues.

The 950 V CoolMOS P7 enables up to 1 percent efficiency increase and from 2 ˚C to 10 ˚C lower MOSFET temperature for more efficient designs. This component also offers up to 58 percent lower switching losses compared to previous generations of the CoolMOS family.

The 950 V CoolMOS P7 comes in TO-220 FullPAK, TO-251 IPAK LL, TO-252 DPAK, and SOT-223 packaging. This makes it possible to change from THD to SMD device.