Infineon AIROC Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth combo extends IoT battery-life

Infineon Technologies has announced the AIROC CYW43022 ultra-low power, dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth combo, extending its portfolio of AIROC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth products.

The CYW43022’s ultra-low power architecture delivers industry-leading performance, with up to a 65 percent reduction in power usage during “deep sleep,” significantly extending battery life for applications such as smart locks, smart wearables, IP cameras and thermostats.

The device’s ultra-low power, dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.3 combo includes Wi-Fi network offloads and an embedded Bluetooth stack reducing power demands on host processors. To support designs with smaller antennas or designs that require longer reach, the combo includes a Class 1 Bluetooth PA with +18 dBm transmit power.

Secure boot with firmware image authentication requiring signed Infineon firmware protects against hacker attacks.

Infineon’s AIROC wireless products, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combos, have shipped more than a billion devices and this broad portfolio includes high-performing, reliable, ultra-low-power products that deliver robust industry-leading performance.

AIROC products leverage a common software framework across Android, Linux, RTOS platforms and are pre-integrated with Infineon’s ModusToolbox software and tools, allowing developers to deliver differentiated products to market on time and on budget.

Direct access to online applications support engineers is available at the Infineon Developer Community.