Wi-Fi and Bluetooth combo module improves battery life

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Murata has announced its collaboration with Cypress Semiconductor to develop the Type 1LV (CYW43012) solution that is said to be the lowest power, small form factor Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module.

This product is designed to improve battery life in wearables, smart home products, and portable audio applications. When comparing Type 1LV (CYW43012) to the Type 1DX (CYW4343W), power usage in the previous is approximately 54% lower in DTIM 1, 60% in DTIM 3, up to 50% for 2.4 GHz RX, and 28% for 2.4 GHz TX.

Based on the Cypress CYW43012 combo chipset, the ultra-small dual-band Wi-Fi 11a/b/g/n/ (11ac Friendly) +Bluetooth 5.0 module provides data transference rates up to 78Mbps on Wi-Fi and 3Mbps on Bluetooth. The Type 1LV supports a range of processors including PSoC6, i.MX RT, STM32, i.MX, and IP Camera platforms, as well as Linux and RTOS based applications.

According to the pair, the Type 1LV uses sophisticated and enhanced hardware mechanisms and algorithms to ensure that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth coexistence is optimised for maximum performance. An embedded Ipv6 network stack can be used to keep the host processor in sleep mode while maintaining network connections.

The module also supports BLE 2Mbps, LE Secure Connections, LE Privacy 1.2, and LE Data Packet Length Extension.

The device has been designed to operate seamlessly in dual-band networks with increased energy efficiency and enhanced security, so to provide optimal performance in Wi-Fi 5 networks.

The module size is 10.0 mm(L) x 7.2 mm(W) x 1.4 mm(H). It will have a reference antennae design for FCC/IC certifications and CE conducted test to provide a lower development cost and faster time to market.

“Teaming up with Cypress allows us to leverage our combined expertise in delivering breakthrough solutions that are game changers for the market,” said Koichi Sorada, Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions for Murata Europe. “Using our proprietary packaging and miniaturisation technologies, Murata leads in developing turnkey, transformational tools that ease integration and enable connectivity to help bring IoT to fruition. With this lowest Wi-Fi power module, we now enable a new class of products that were previously designated for Bluetooth.”