Hirose floating BtB connector supports high-speed transmission

Hirose has expanded its DF40 board-to-board floating connector series to support PCI-ex Gen.4 (16Gbps) and MIPI D-PHY Ver.1.1 (1.5Gbps).

The DF40F Series provides high-density mounting, significant space-savings, and high-temperature resistance to 125 degrees for automotive applications. It is most commonly used in in-vehicle sensor applications including cameras, LIDAR and millimetre-wave radar.

Simplifying assembly, the floating design offers a degree of play between the contacts during mating to allow the connector to absorb alignment errors. This enables multiple pairs of connectors to be used on the same PCB by absorbing the cumulative tolerances. The DF40F Series features floating contacts with a wide self-alignment range of ±0.30 mm in the X and Y directions.

The DF40F Series connector features a superior stamped contact design with a clear tactile click that confirms secure mating. The stamped contacts enable a longer effective mating length of 0.25 mm that provides shock and vibration resistance common to automotive applications. Further protecting signal contacts, the series has curved contacts to prevent buckling during mating.

The DF40F Series combines a 0.4 mm pitch with a mounting depth of only 3.68 mm. Available in a 30-position version, the DF40F Series has a stacking height range of 3.5 mm to 6.0 mm.

This is a space-saving design that minimises connector depth, while ensuring a vacuum pick & place area that does not affect mountability.

The contact area is enclosed in a housing to protect against solder waste and flux during mounting process. Solder wicking is prevented via a nickel barrier.