Floating board-to-board connector from Hirose

Hirose has developed a board-to-board connector that combines floating functionality and miniature size to meet automotive specifications.

Credit: Hirose

The BM54 Series claims to be the world's smallest width class for its category and this space-saving automotive connector features a small form factor, a 0.4mm pitch, and a stacking height of 3.0 to 4.5 mm.

Intended for PCBs with multiple connector sets, the BM54 Series connector offers a wide floating range of ±0.4 mm in XY direction. By absorbing board misalignment errors, floating simplifies assembly and improves assembly work efficiency. A two-point contact design ensures high contact reliability and rugged performance in harsh automotive conditions.

The BM54 Series has a heat resistance of 125°C, a requirement for in-vehicle and industrial equipment.

The BM54 Series also supports PCI-ex Gen4 (16Gbps) and MIPI D-PHY Ver. 2.1, making it well suited for automotive front cameras, rear/side cameras, displays, millimetre wave radar, and LiDAR systems.