GTK offers flat flexible cables

GTK has enhanced its flexible connectivity solutions to include Flat Flexible Cables (FFC). These cables are primarily used to connect two PCBs and are said to be versatile, cost-effective and to take up minimum space in OEM equipment.

Each end of the flat flexible cable is claimed to have gold plated contacts, which insert directly into an FFC/ZIF connector that is located on the PCB. This eliminates the need for an additional ‘cable end’ connector, resulting in applied cost benefits for this form of wire to board connection.

The company offers a range of flat flexible cables which are manufactured from UL 20624 certified PET material and are available in lengths ranging from 30mm to more than 1metre. These cables are available in 0.5mm (6 to 80 conductor) and 1mm (4 to 50 conductor) pitch versions. Both variants are available with same-side (A) and reverse side (D) contact orientation.

Flat flexible cables are suitable for use in applications with moving parts, such as printers or scanners, and they can withstand repeated flexing with no damage to conductors.