Har-flex cable connectors for custom cable assemblies

Individual cable connectors have been added to HARTING’s har-flex connector family for custom cable assemblies.

The self-assembly connectors are said to offer customers a higher degree of flexibility and versatility when connecting PCBs using custom-length cable assemblies.

The 1.27mm pitch connectors are equipped with the Insulation Displacement Connection termination technology. This makes electrical contact via insulation displacement contacts that cut through the jacket of the ribbon cable and establish a secure, gas-tight connection.

Thanks to guide grooves incorporated into the insulating moulding, the ribbon cable is guided through the cable duct. As a result, the individual stranded wires of the ribbon cable are claimed to always contact the correct insulation displacement terminal. The connectors are designed for use with 30AWG ribbon cable.

In addition to the connectors, the company offers associated assembly tooling using a baseplate designed for use with a conventional hand bench press and flat rock tool. The baseplate is said to ensure reliable cable guidance and support for the connector during the assembly process. This in turn produces a reliable electrical connection, and according to the company, the sensitive insulation displacement terminals are protected against mechanical damage.

Optional mountable strain-relief components and robustly designed locking levers protect and secure the mated electrical connection of the cable connector against vibration and other mechanical stresses during operation. This ensures that the high demands of an industrial-strength, miniaturised connection are fully met.