V SHIELD NEW PRODUCT RELEASE - Helping Design Engineers Solve EMI Challenges

Nicomatic has released their latest innovative product development named V Shield. A perfect shielding option for dynamic flexing applications, this next generation shielding technology is applied during our in-house manufacturing process, providing EMI/RFI & ESD protection to your specific application. The flexibility allows optimal routing of cables with minimal stress on joints in small space situations.

Standard Available Range:

V Shield Flat Flex Cable:Nicomatic’s in-house manufactured FFC is available standard from 1.00 to 2.54 mm pitch. FFCs are soldered directly or mated with ZIF/LIF standard connectors.Available in any length from 60 to 2000 mm; contact us with other lengths.

V Shield Jumper/Extension Cable: Nicomatic’s CrimpFlex™ jumper cables are dedicated to connections from board to board in 2 market standard pitches, 1.27mm and 2.54mm.Allowing for better retention compared to FFCs used with ZIF/LIF connectors, thanks to a large choice of CrimpFlex™ contacts and CrimpFlex™ housings designed for a variety of applications.Using a total Nicomatic solution is a guarantee for higher reliability and longer life-time of the end product.Both the 1.27 & 2.54 mm Jumper Cables can be externally or internally grounded to any conductor.

V Shield MicroFlex™: Nicomatic’s innovative shielded and flexible flat polyester cable harness with a screw fixing for high-vibration environments. Mates with our CMM 220 connector for high mechanical resistance. Tested to meet MIL-DTL-55302F standards & provides up to 60% weight reduction versus round cable.Three versions are available Female-Female, Solder Pin-Female and Octopus, with multiple branches.

Testing shows a flex life of an impressive 10 million flex cycles at a bend diameter of 63.5 mm (2.5 inches).This new, V Shield, technology will help engineers solve some of the major EMI interconnect challenges faced during the design process.The innovative, next generation technology adds to Nicomatic’s extensive range of flat flex cable options and is named after the inventor, Rocco Vetro, Chief Engineer / New Product Development Manager for Nicomatic North America’s Flat Cable & Connector Division.

Nicomatic Group is a recognized player in the connector field specializing in niche markets with miniaturized rectangular connectors and high density solutions (2mm pitch) for harsh environments, low profile MIL connectors, cabling for harsh environment and FFC flat cables. Its main use markets are defense, avionics, medical, robotics, printed electronics & the membrane switch industry.Today, all products are manufactured in-house with special expertise in stamping, molding, screw-machining, assembly & cabling.

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