Pool production of Flexible PCBs

Beta LAYOUT has introduced a manufacturing service which offers the production of prototype Flexible PCBs using the PCB-POOL method. Numerous different PCB designs are combined and orders are manufactured together, which is said to help reduce the overall cost and eliminate expensive tooling charges.

The flexible PCBs are currently available as single or double layer. Polyimide material is used as the base layer; the thickness between the copper layers is 18µm and the overall PCB thickness is 0.2mm. There is also an option to add stiffener material.

A 3D model of the PCB layout can be viewed online and ordered, free-of-charge by using Beta LAYOUT's FITS-or-NOT programme. Meaning that any problems in the design can be rectified before the board is manufactured.

Beta LAYOUT claims that flexible PCBs can make engineering work easier when complex geometries are involved. Some of the benefits provided by Flexible PCBs are said to include savings on space, weight and cost together with increased reliability of the electrical connections.