STMicroelectronics has unveiled its latest FlightSense Time-of-Flight (ToF) multi-zone sensor.

Offered together with a suite of software algorithms, this sensor combination provides a turnkey solution for user detection, gesture recognition, and intruder alert, specially designed for the PC market.

ST’s FlightSense multi-zone sensors continuously scan their field of view to map the scene and gather intelligence without using a camera or recording images and by using ToF technology, the sensors can detect and track multiple targets, calculating at high speed their X/Y/Z coordinates and motion.

The lVL53L5CP FlightSense multi-zone sensor can detect multiple targets in 64 (8x8) zones within a wide 61-degree field of view and comes with Presence Premium PLUS, ST’s proprietary third generation of algorithms dedicated to PC applications, supporting its advanced and innovative features and enhancing data protection. Interacting with native aspects of the PC hardware and OS, this turnkey solution is certified by Intel.

The VL53L5CP and Presence Premium PLUS software are optimised for PC applications and supported in Windows 11. As a result, PC designers can implement features including smart power management, enhanced security, and touchless user interaction.

In addition, multi-human detection (MHD) senses other people in the field of view and analyses their position and movements to assess security risks such as “shoulder surfing.” In relevant situations, the system alerts the user.

Another innovation in the VL53L5CP is robust touchless gesture sensing, which allows the user to control PC applications without touching the screen, keyboard, or mouse. The sensor can detect directional swipes and taps, as well as level adjustments. With access to such information, developers can easily implement instructions such as next or previous slide/song/video, play/pause, and volume control.

ST’s Presence Premium PLUS software also enables PC designers to develop custom AI applications in Windows, leveraging the VL53L5CP sensor’s 8x8 multi-zone data to sense user intent, with continuous presence detection. In addition, dynamic programming of the VL53L5CP’s key parameters from Windows allows the end user to personalize parameters such as timing and lock/wake distances.

By enabling these features using non-vision-based ToF technology rather than the PC’s webcam, the VL53L5CP enables differentiation in several respects. With no image, it eliminates any privacy concerns. The sensor is always on, hidden behind the bezel, thereby removing dependence on the webcam shutter position. In addition, the sensor integrates a 940nm VCSEL infrared light emitter, invisible to human eyes, which ensures full performance in the dark or low-light conditions. In contrast, cameras need a dedicated power-hungry LED to illuminate the scene.

The VL53L5CP FlightSense multi-zone ToF sensor is in volume production and available now with the Presence PREMIUM PLUS algorithms.