Electrically conductive sealant offers high level EMI shielding

The Chomerics Division of Parker Hannifin has released CHO-BOND 1018, a two-component, electrically conductive polythioether that acts as a fillet, gap filler or seam sealant for high level EMI/RFI shielding for today’s advanced electronic systems.

The product’s nickel-aluminium filler provides corrosion resistance against MIL-DTL-5541 Type I and Type II coated aluminium substrates, while its custom-formulated polymer provides resistance to aggressive chemicals (including de-icing solutions), jet fuels, hydraulic fuels and other oil products. CHO-BOND 1018 is suitable for any applications exposed to harsh operating environments.

CHO-BOND 1018 provides a conductive and environmental seal over temperatures from -62°C to +160°C. Offering 0.250 Ω-cm maximum DC volume resistivity, potential uses include: ballistics and guided weaponry; ground/transport vehicles; military shelters and containers; aeroplanes, UAVs, drones and helicopters; defence radar systems; and any other applications where both corrosion resistance and resistance to fluids/fuels is essential.

CHO-BOND 1018 is galvanically compatible with Parker’s CHO-SEAL 6502 nickel-aluminium filled silicone and CHO-SEAL 6503 nickel-aluminium filled fluorosilicone gaskets, providing customers a corrosion resistant alternative to Parker’s silver-plated aluminium filled electrically conductive polythioether sealant, CHO-BOND 1018, in applications where these elastomers are used. Both of Parker’s electrically conductive polythioethers sealants are silicone-free and easily paintable, eliminating the time and cost of having to prime before painting.

CHO-BOND 1018 comes fully packaged in a pre-measured kit. With no weighing required, users simply mix and dispense in same package to minimise process waste. The consistency and viscosity of the medium paste ensures its suitability for overhead or vertical panel joints or seams and provides more coverage per gram of material to minimise the weight added to an assembly or vehicle. Ease of use in production comes courtesy of a 120-minute working life.