DC/DC modules offer 'leading' power density

GE's SlimLynx series of encapsulated and non isolated DC/DC conversion power modules is now available from Solid State Supplies.

The digital and analogue power converters target applications in distributed power and intermediate bus voltage architectures widely used in the telecom and datacom sectors, as well as in servers, storage and networking equipment. The modules operate over a range of input voltages from 3 to 14.4V(DC) and provide a precisely regulated output voltage from 0.45 to 5.5V(DC), programmable via an external resistor or via PMBus control in the case of the digital modules. Module versions in the series offer either 6 or 12A of output current. Available in a DOSA (Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance) approved footprint and measuring 20.32 x 11.43 x 3mm (maximum), the SlimLynx modules feature an ultra low height design for very dense power applications. The modules provide are claimed to provide industry leading power density to reduce heat dissipation in industrial, networking and telecommunication devices, while also delivering efficiencies of over 95%.