Flex Power Modules expands innovative BMR480 DC/DC advanced bus converter series

Flex Power Modules has made an addition to the BMR480 DC/DC advanced bus converter series for high-end and high-power applications. The BMR48001x6/005 delivers 12V DC at up to 1300W of power and 108.3A.

Packaged in the industry-standard quarter-brick-format measuring 58.4 x 36.8 x 14.48mm (2.30 x 1.45 x 0.57 inches), the BMR48001x6/005 achieves a power density of more than 680W/in3. This is achieved in part by optimising its operation across the input voltage range of 45V to 60V to produce a regulated 12V output, employing the company’s patented Hybrid Regulated Ratio (HRR) technology between 51V and 45V. The DC/DC converter is able to offer 97.4% efficiency when operating from a 53V input voltage and delivering 100% output current.

Compared with other members of the series, the BMR48001x6/005 is able to deliver around 0.5% higher efficiency at 1000W, making it a viable upgrade for existing installations, as well as a high-efficiency solution for new designs.

The BMR480 series is intended for intermediate bus conversion (IBC), dynamic bus voltage (DBV) and distributed power architectures (DPAs), and is designed to power high-end and high-power applications supplied by front end AC/DC rectifiers, typically favoured by the ICT sector.

The module comes as standard fitted with a baseplate, which can be connected to a heatsink or cold plate for use in more challenging thermal environments. Even when operating in high ambient temperature environments with limited airflow, the efficiency of the BMR48001x6/005 helps to minimise power dissipation, and maximise system reliability.

Dynamic load compensation and support for the latest version of the PMBus communication specification are complemented by the Flex Power Designer software tool, giving power architects total flexibility during system design and enabling them to deliver power systems with the highest energy efficiency. Other product features of the BMR48001x6/005 include a DOSA standard 7-pin digital header, 1500V input/output isolation, monotonic start-up, remote control, and a range of protection capabilities including over-temperature, output-short-circuit and output-over-voltage.