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Flex Power Modules boosts quarter brick DC/DC power rating

Flex Power Modules has introduced a new device to their range of quarter brick non-isolated DC/DC converters increasing power densities.

The BMR351 has a 40-60 V input range and a delivers a non-isolated but fully regulated output of 12.2 V nominal. Rated output current is 136 A continuous (1600 W max) and 200 A peak for up to 500 ms (2320 W max). The converter features exceptionally high efficiency levels, peaking at over 98%, and with a typical value of 97.8% at 54 Vin and half load.

BMR351 converters can be paralleled using the droop load sharing technique for higher power, and include a PMBus interface for configuration, monitoring and control, with the output adjustable over the range of 8 V to 13.2 V. Hardware pins are provided for remote sense, power good and remote control.

The Flex Power Modules innovative ‘black box’ event data recorder is also implemented for diagnostics after fault occurrences.

The BMR351 is intended for baseplate cooling and is characterised for a component hotspot temperature of 125 °C. Comprehensive thermal management allows safe peak power operation with fast and timed over-temperature protection, with an ALERT signal to indicate impending thermal shutdown.

As with other DC/DC products from Flex Power Modules, the data sheet now characterises the parts power delivery with ‘3D’ derating graphs defining allowable output powers at specified maximum baseplate and pin temperatures.

The converter also includes input under-voltage lockout and output short-circuit, over-voltage, and over-current protection.