Comprehensive 8D/38999 connector package available from Lane Electronics

Lane Electronics is now able to supply, from stock, a comprehensive portfolio of 8D/38999 connectors, derivatives and accessories.

Produced by connector manufacturer Souriau for whom Lane is an assembling distributor, the majority of standard connectors are now available on a next day delivery basis, while customer specific solutions can be assembled from Lane’s inventory of connector piece parts and delivered within short lead times.

These 8D/MIL-DTL-38999 connectors are high density, threaded coupling connectors available in a wide range of shell materials including aluminium, composite, marine bronze and stainless steel. They can be supplied in different finishes including RoHS compliant, black Zinc Nickel and Zinc Cobalt plating.

The 8D/38999 connectors can be supplied with signal, power, high power, coax, triax, quadrax or ELIO fibre optic contacts. When fitted with quadrax, the connector is suitable for when fast datacoms is required in harsh environments. When Souriau’s ELIO fibre optic contacts are specified, the connector allows for very high-speed networks in equally demanding environments.

Meeting specific 8D/38999 applications is made easier by the availability of a wide variety of derivatives and accessories which extends from reinforced and hermetic sealing, to clinch nuts to ease assembly and on to double flange versions that can handle serious levels of vibration.

Lane Electronics also holds a significant stockholding of Souriau’s micro38999 connector series which offers all the benefits of the standard 8D/38999 platform but with significant size and weight savings.

According to Lane, certain 8D/38999 applications need full hermetic sealing but many can be accomplished using Souriau’s weight-saving, lower cost reinforced sealed versions which are available with male or female straight PC tail contacts. With a strong sealing performance of 10-7 atm.cm3 /s, the reinforced sealed receptacles feature a maximum operation temperature of 125⁰ and are 100% scoop proof.

Designed to save time during installation, Souriau’s square flange receptacle can be supplied with four clinch nuts or four helicoils, both of which are self-locking. Designed to meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-38999, the ruggedness of the clinch nuts and helicoils has been extensively tested for impact resistance, push-out and wrench out. With an aluminium shell, the square flange receptacle can be finished in black zinc nickel, cadmium olive drab and nickel.

A double flange PCB mount version featuring shoulderless #16, #20 or #22 PC tail contacts provides high resistance to vibration. Available as a jam nut or square flange receptacle, this version allows direct grounding from the PCB to the flange.