Lane Electronics stocking CINCH Fibreco JUNIOR range of expanded beam fibre optic connectors

Lane Electronics is now stocking CINCH Fibreco JUNIOR expanded beam fibre optic connectors.

Credit: Lane Electronics

Expanded beam fibre optic connectors were developed to overcome the unreliability of traditional physical contact fibre optic connectors when used in in harsh environments due to their sensitivity to dirt, dust, mud, water, oil and other contaminants.

CINCH Fibreco JUNIOR expanded beam connectors are qualified to the US Military MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21 standard or Commercial release and are available with one to four singlemode or multimode fibre optic contacts, feature a fully sealed hermaphroditic construction and are field terminable and repairable using standard fibre optic termination tools and equipment.

The connectors have aluminium and stainless-steel shells and have been designed for use in demanding harsh environment applications including military tactical communications, radar and satellite-communication (SATCOM) installations, petrochemical plant, mining offshore, subsea and energy production, industrial and transportation communication and broadcasting entertainment links where performance and reliability are critical.

Main Features include:

  • Derived from the MIL-DTL-83526/20 and /21
  • 1 to 4 optical contacts
  • Insertion Loss: Multimode < -1.0dB / Singlemode: < -1.5dB
  • Return Loss: >32dB
  • Aluminium (black hard anodised) and stainless-steel shells
  • 90º Backshell options for plug and bulkhead
  • Field terminable / repairable
  • Low profile bulkhead option
  • Compatible with all MIL-DTL-83526 connectors
  • Compatible with QPC QMINI connector
  • Compatible with Stratos HMA/HsMA connectors
  • Compatible with Tyco Pro-Beam Junior