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Cambridge GaN Devices launches second series ICeGaN ICs

Cambridge GaN Devices (CGD), the fabless, clean-tech semiconductor company, has launched the second series of its ICeGaN 650 V gallium nitride HEMT family, delivering a combination of robustness, ease-of-use and maximised efficiency.

H2 Series ICeGaN HEMTs employ CGD’s smart gate interface that virtually eliminates typical e-mode GaN weaknesses, delivering significantly improved overvoltage robustness, higher noise-immune threshold, dV/dt suppression and ESD protection.

Like previous generation devices, the 650 V H2 ICeGaN transistors are driven similarly to Si MOSFETs, eliminating the need for complex and inefficient circuits, instead using commercially available industry gate drivers.

H2 ICeGaN HEMTs also feature a QG that is 10x lower than silicon parts and QOSS is 5x less. This enables H2 ICeGaN HEMTs to greatly reduce switching losses at high switching frequencies, reducing size and weight. This results in class-leading efficiency performance, a full 2% better than Industry’s best Si MOSFETs in SMPS applications.

ICeGaN H2 Series feature an innovative NL3 (No Load and Light Load) Circuit, integrated on-chip alongside the GaN switch, resulting in record-low power losses.

In addition, an advanced clamping structure with integrated Miller Clamp – also on-chip - eliminates the need for negative gate voltages, achieving true zero-volt turn-off, and improving dynamic RDS(ON) performance. 

These e-mode (normally off) single chip GaN HEMTs include a monolithically-integrated interface and protection circuit for unmatched gate reliability and design simplicity.

Finally, a Current Sense function reduces power dissipation and allows direct connection to ground for optimised cooling and EMI.