Automotive-qualified Gen 4 PCIe switches

Microchip has announced the first Gen 4 automotive-qualified PCIe switches.

High-speed, low-latency connectivity solutions for distributed, heterogenous compute systems are a fundamental element in next-generation autonomous driving applications and the Switchtec PFX, PSX, and PAX switch solutions are able to provide cutting-edge compute interconnect capabilities for ADAS.

These switches have been designed to provide the high-speed interconnect that supports distributed, real-time safety-critical data processing in ADAS architectures. PCIe is emerging as the preferred compute interconnect solution for the automotive industry for the same reasons it has become pervasive in the data centre market in that it provides ultra-low latency and low-power bandwidth scalability to CPUs and specialised accelerator devices.

In terms of development tools, Microchip’s ChipLink diagnostic Graphical User Interface (GUI) provides extensive debug, diagnostics, configuration and forensics tools to support rapid deployment.