Amphenol RF expands its reverse polarity TNC product portfolio

Amphenol RF has expanded its miniature-sized TNC portfolio with additional reverse polarity configurations.

These new configurations have been designed to specifically accommodate micro-coax cable types including 0.81, 1.32 and 1.37 mm as well as RG-178 cable. Waterproof IP67-rated coaxial connectors are engineered to withstand temporary dust and water ingress which makes these RP-TNC options suitable for applications where systems may be exposed to external elements.

Industrial applications such as heavy equipment and antennas would benefit from the features of these connectors.

These tamper-resistant front mount and bulkhead rear mount RP-TNC connectors are manufactured with brass bodies and beryllium copper contacts. They are tested to MIL-STD-202 specifications for corrosion, vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, and altitude, and operate up to the constraints of the cable assembly.

The rear mount feature allows them to be easily mounted onto the inside of a panel. The threaded coupling mechanism used in this interface ensures reliable and secure mating.

The use of micro-coax cable makes these connectors more versatile as they can be used in designs with limited space. Micro-coax cable is extremely flexible and offers high-performance even when used in the bent position. It is often used in high-speed applications where low loss and high shielding is preferred over traditional shielded cables.