Amphenol RF expands automotive interconnect portfolio

Amphenol RF has introduced the IP67 waterproof FAKRA generation 2 rear mount bulkhead straight plug into its expansive automotive portfolio.

Credit: Amphenol RF

This connector has been designed to accommodate the industry-standard RG-174 cable type which offers enhanced signal integrity and low loss and is optimal for outdoor use.

This FAKRA plug is available in the universal Z code as well as all other key codes and is compatible with all USCAR-compliant FAKRA on the market. FAKRA interconnects are suitable for automotive, telecommunications and industrial automation applications.

The rear mount bulkhead feature allows the connector to be mounted through a panel or enclosure wall, providing a stable and secure connection point. This design helps maintain the integrity of the connection by preventing dust, moisture and other contaminants from entering the system.

The FAKRA plug ensures reliable, high-frequency data transmission up to 6 GHz which is critical for systems in the automotive, industrial and aerospace and defence sectors. This FAKRA interconnect uses standard hex crimp die sets to terminate the connector to the cable.

This 50 ohm FAKRA bulkhead plug joins an extensive offering of FAKRA connectors and cable assemblies available as off-the-shelf solutions today.