Amphenol RF expands cable assembly portfolio

Amphenol RF is now offering cable assembly configurations featuring popular RF interfaces that have been engineered to support RFID applications.

These assemblies are designed using flexible, low loss LMR cable types which provide superior shielding compared with RG style coaxial cables. The RFID assemblies are available in various standard imperial and metric lengths up to 30 meters.

Besides RFID applications, they are well suited for a variety of industrial uses and antenna extensions.

These new configurations offer a chance for innovation within the design process. They are available in TNC, RP-TNC, SMA and FAKRA interfaces with additional configurations being developed. RFID accessory cables are manufactured on LMR 195 and 240 cable which allows for a cleaner signal and better reading and recognition performance.

The combination of stable, reliable connectors and high performance, low loss cable provides a solution suitable across industries such as smart agriculture, healthcare and transportation to monitor and track assets in order to increase productivity, reduce risk and ensure safety protocols.

RFID accessory cables are used to connect external antennas to RFID controllers. Although some of these end products require custom solutions, standard products such as these new assemblies also offer an alternate option for engineers.