650V superjunction power MOSFETs housed in the new TOLL package

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced five 650V superjunction power MOSFETs housed in the new compact SMD package in TO-leadless (TOLL) format.

Measuring just 9.9mm x11.68mm x2.3mm (WxLxH), the TK065U65Z, TK090U65Z, TK110U65Z, TK155U65Z and TK190U65Z devices have a 27% smaller footprint than the conventional D2PAK package. Typical applications include server power supplies in data centres, solar (PV) power conditioners, uninterruptible power systems (UPS) and other industrial applications.

The lineup has been expanded to products in the DTMOS VI series with low On-resistance down to 65mΩ. In addition, the 4-pin package includes the option of a Kelvin source. This capability can reduce the parasitic inductance of the source wire in the package and enhance switching efficiency by suppressing oscillation.

Compared to the TK090N65Z, a device with equivalent voltage and On-resistance that uses the TO-247 package without a Kelvin connection, the TK090U65Z has a 68% lower turn-on switching loss and turn-off switching loss is reduced by about 56%.

Deploying the latest generation of the DTMOS VI series of 650V superjunction power MOSFETs with the TOLL package engineers will be able to reduce the size of their end equipment and improve efficiency. DTMOS VI is targeting highest efficiency switching with best in class FOM: Rds(on) x Qdg.