Yamaichi Electronics and JAE have jointly developed a prototype of a high-speed jumper cable interconnect product which is able to support the 112Gbps PAM4 signal on data networking systems.

With performance requirements in terms of data transmission speeds on network equipment, such as the routers and switches, increasing with the introduction of 5G and progress beyond 5G/6G technology, Yamaichi and JAE have unveiled a new interconnect product that meets those increased performance and reliability expectations.

As requirements for data transmission speeds are now reaching the upper limit of existing printed circuit board (PCB) technologies, it is becoming more difficult to realise constant and reliable data transmission performance. To solve this problem, the two companies have developed a jumper cable interconnect solution which can perform stable data transmission at 112Gbps PAM4 signalling.

This interconnect solution comes in a compact connector size and is able to fit in a high-density design. It can be deployed in several different usages including direct jumper cabling from the front panel pluggable IO to the host chip, or in internal chip to chip connections.

Yamaichi and JAE have said that the product will be available later this year.