AAEON partners with Hailo to enable AI applications at the edge

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UP Bridge the Gap, a brand of AAEON – a manufacturer of AI Edge hardware solutions – is partnering with Hailo, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) chipmaker, to meet demands for next-generation AI applications at the edge.

The latest UP Bridge the Gap platforms are compatible with Hailo’s Hailo-8 M.2 AI Acceleration Module, making it possible to deliver improved levels of AI performance with best-in-class power efficiency.

Edge computing requires increasingly intensive workloads for computer vision and other artificial intelligence tasks, making it important to move Deep Learning workloads from the cloud to the edge. Running AI applications at the edge ensures real-time inferencing, data privacy, and low latency for applications across various markets.

UP Bridge the Gap edge platforms pair the latest Intel processors with the Hailo-8 AI Module to increase the on-device inference and execution speed of AI models. By reallocating the computing resource of AI-based tasks from the CPU/GPU to the Hailo-8 neural processing unit (NPU) it will possible to  provide much greater flexibility for edge computing applications.

The Hailo-8 M.2 AI Module delivers 26 tera-operations per second (TOPS) at an average rate of 2.5W. This means developers can run sophisticated Deep Learning and computer vision applications at the edge while keeping power consumption at an absolute minimum.

“This partnership with Hailo benefits our clients even further with their growing demand for AI applications that run quickly and efficiently at the edge,” said Owen Wei, Business Development Manager at AAEON. “AAEON is committed to providing customers exceptional computing performance for their everyday business needs. Hailo helps us bolster our offering while enabling a future powered at the edge.”

The Hailo-8 M.2 AI Acceleration Module is now available for purchase as an add-on with the UP Squared Pro, UP Squared 6000, and UP Xtreme i11.