Wing Cloud raises $20m in seed funding to build Winglang

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Wing Cloud, the company behind the open-source Wing Programming Language (Winglang), has announced $20m in seed funding led by Battery Ventures, Grove Ventures, and StageOne Ventures.

Other participants include Secret Chord Ventures, Cerca Partners, and Operator Partners.

Angel investors include Amit Agarwal, President at Datadog; Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp; Benny Schnaider, Co-Founder of Salto; Zack Kanter, Founder of Stedi; and other industry leaders.

Winglang is an open-source programming language designed for building distributed systems that leverage cloud infrastructure. The Winglang compiler produces a ready-to-deploy package that includes both infrastructure-as-code definitions for Terraform, CloudFormation, or other cloud provisioning engines; as well as Node.js code that’s designed to run on compute platforms such as AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, or edge platforms.

“We’re abstracting away a lot of the gritty details of building applications on top of cloud infrastructure,” said Elad Ben-Israel, CEO and Co-Founder of Wing Cloud. “The cloud has evolved into an incredibly powerful computing platform, but customers still find themselves having to deal with burdensome tasks across security, networking, deployment and operations to build and manage even the simplest systems.”

According to a recent survey from Sentry and SlashData, the most common challenge reported by software engineers is an unclear boundary between application and infrastructure ownership. To address this, Wing Cloud is also launching the private beta of its first commercial offering: a visual cloud management solution that provides both developers and operators with a shared, real-time view of an application’s architecture and data flow.

Wing Cloud was co-founded by CEO Elad Ben-Israel, creator of myriad open-source projects in the cloud infrastructure space such as the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s), JSII, and Projen; as well as COO Shai Ber, a former software developer at Microsoft, investor, and founder who went on to sell his company Aniways to Verizon back in 2015.

“Building and running highly scalable applications on many cloud providers around the world is an incredibly complex engineering challenge. And it's also something that most enterprises need to do because of various commercial and data residency reasons. I'm very excited to invest in Wing Cloud because it elegantly juxtaposes for developers both abstracting away the underlying cloud infrastructure and taking advantage of technical features of specific cloud providers when they need to,” said Amit Agarwal, President at Datadog.