Winbond and Ambiq collaborate on Intelligent IoT and wearables

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Winbond Electronics and Ambiq have announced a collaboration to combine HyperRAM and Apollo4 to deliver ultra-low power system solutions for IoT endpoints and wearables.

Winbond, a supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, and Ambiq, a developer of ultra-low power MCUs, SoCs and Real-time Clocks (RTC) revealed that several customers are in design with Ambiq's Apollo4 SoC and Winbond 256Mbx8 HyperRAM Hybrid Sleep Mode (HSM), with volume production expected in 2022. HSM power consumption is about 50% if compared to a normal standby mode. HSM can assist IoT endpoints and wearable to extend more battery life.

The Apollo4 complete hardware and software solution is purpose-built to allow battery-powered endpoint devices to achieve a higher level of intelligence without hitting battery life. Adding HyperRAM can further enhance its low power advantage and allow for faster delivery of high-resolution graphics to improve the performance.

"As the IoT market rapidly expands with the proliferation of diverse mobile and portable devices, how to deliver the most desirable user experience becomes the holy grail for manufacturers. Built on Ambiq's patented Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology (SPOT) platform, the Apollo4 delivers higher performance at ultra-low power consumption," said Dan Cermak, VP of Architecture and Product Planning at Ambiq. "Leveraging Winbond's HyperRAM to enable expanded storage to support high-resolution displays and complex AI datasets, we can deliver low-power solutions while maintaining low pin count for smaller form-factor endpoint devices."