Weebit Nano ReRAM demo chips now available

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Weebit Nano, a developer of next-generation memory technologies, has confirmed demonstration (demo) chips integrating its embedded Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) module have successfully completed their functional testing phase.

This is a key step towards delivering a commercial product and they are the first available System-on-Chips (SoCs) embedding the Weebit ReRAM array inside its memory module. Potential customers can now use the demo chips to test Weebit’s ReRAM technology ahead of commercial orders and volume production.

After receiving the silicon wafers containing the demo chips from manufacturing in December, Weebit, together with its development partner CEA-Leti, sliced the wafers into chips, packaged them, and has now completed functional testing of the chips.

Testing included programming (set and reset) and reading of the entire ReRAM array using smart algorithms, error correcting code (ECC) and various data manipulations. It also included testing the operation of the complete sub-system comprising all communication interfaces and system peripherals, as well as software running on the RISC-V microcontroller (MCU). The entire chip is performing as expected.

These highly integrated chips will now be used for characterisation and qualification – the next steps on Weebit’s commercialisation path.

Commenting Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said, “Our team tested the complete demo chip including the full memory array, the advanced features of our memory module, and the entire system, and confirmed that it functions as expected. This is the first time we can see Weebit’s innovative memory technology operating live in a fully functional chip. We are now moving into a new phase of our roadmap during which customers can confidently begin designing Weebit ReRAM into their SoCs. The characterisation process is now underway and will be immediately followed by full qualification.”

Chips based on a similar design are currently being prepared for fabrication in SkyWater Technology’s US production fab. Once the module is qualified at SkyWater, volume production can commence.

The transfer of Weebit’s embedded ReRAM technology to SkyWater’s production fab is progressing on schedule.