Weebit Nano receives wafers manufactured in GF's 22FDX process

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Weebit Nano, a developer of advanced memory technologies, has revealed that it has received the first wafers integrating its embedded Resistive Random-Access Memory (ReRAM) manufactured in GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform.

Initial tests of the wafers in this advanced 22nm FD-SOI (fully depleted silicon on insulator) are said to be showing positive results on the array.

These are the first wafers with Weebit ReRAM (RRAM) manufactured in 22nm, one of the industry’s most steadfast process nodes, and a geometry where embedded flash is not viable. The silicon wafers will continue to undergo testing.

These wafers are utilising GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX process, which is intended for connected and ultra-low power applications such as IoT and edge AI.

Coby Hanoch, CEO of Weebit Nano, said, “We are continuing to accelerate Weebit’s path towards more advanced geometries where embedded flash is unable to scale. Weebit ReRAM in a 22nm process such as 22FDX offers a low-power, cost-effective embedded NVM solution which can withstand harsh environmental conditions. With this latest development, we are one step closer to providing Weebit ReRAM as a commercial solution in 22nm for customers’ innovative SoCs targeting applications in areas such as IoT, 5G, edge AI and automotive.”