Vidatronic launches 5nm FinFET power management IP Series

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Vidatronic, a provider of power management, analogue, and security IP licenses and integrated OmniPOWER system solutions, has made a further addition to its IP portfolio, with the 5nm FinFET Series for integration into systems-on-a-chip (SoCs).

Intended for advanced microprocessor and high-speed serial interface applications these IPs have been silicon validated by a licensing customer.

Vidatronic’s integrated OmniPOWER system solutions simplify the design process with customisable IP for easier and more cost-effective integration and by leveraging Vidatronic’s latest 5nm FinFET IPs customers will be able to achieve improved levels of performance, power efficiency, security, and reliability while minimising cost.

“We’ve seen a clear need in the market for our team’s FinFET experience, especially for integrating the Power Management Unit (PMU) into SoCs in advanced microprocessor and high-speed serial interface applications,” said Moises Robinson, President and Co-Founder of Vidatronic.

“Many processor chip providers are delivering unparalleled performance and system efficiency by integrating the power management on-chip in these FinFET technologies. Vidatronic’s expertise helps our customers deal with voltage stress issues, uneven loading profiles, and other challenges. Our proprietary technology includes advanced features that circumvent these challenges and provides reliable protection for the SoC.“

The 5 nm FinFET Series contains the following IP:

  • Multiple Low Dropout (LDO) Voltage Regulator IPs equipped with Vidatronic’s Power Quencher technology that enable ultra-low-power operation with no external components required​
  • Bandgap Voltage Reference IP with high accuracy and low power operation
  • Integrated support blocks including power-on reset (POR), power-ok, and DAC