TASKING enables safer automotive software

1 min read

TASKING has introduced the TASKING TriCore Inspector, a software tool that helps automotive developers to quickly find and work around problems due to compiler errors.

As with any software, compilers can also include bugs which, under certain circumstances, in turn generate bugs in the output software. In the automotive sector that is of particular concern as the safety of occupants and other road users is obviously a top priority.

To ensure this, both OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers must avoid software errors, not only to prevent accidents, but also to avoid expensive recalls and meet the requirements of functional safety according to ISO 26262. As a result, software developers must regularly check all their projects for known compiler issues.

However, checking the software code is time-consuming, so TASKING has developed the TriCore Inspector in cooperation with lead customer ZF. The tool is based on TASKING's compiler technology and automatically finds compiler bugs in the software output from the VX-toolchain for AURIX/TriCore.

The Inspector finds all known compiler bugs for all risk groups (Software Integrity Level, SIL1/2/3/4) and eliminates the high effort for manual error search. If the code is affected by a compiler bug, the developer receives the exact bug name and reference to the TASKING Issues Portal database. Based on this, the user can then quickly and easily decide whether his safety precautions are compromised and what further measures are necessary.