Altium releases TASKING embedded software development toolset

1 min read

Altium has unveiled a free embedded software development toolset for semiconductor manufacturer Infineon’s TriCore/AURIX product line as part of their ongoing strategic partnership.

The toolset has been developed as part of a significant update to the TASKING compiler for TriCore/AURIX, and adds a number of new features and enhancements for advanced automotive application development.

The Lite Edition of the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore includes a one year license and can be requested now on the Infineon or TASKING websites

"We were often asked about the availability of a quick and easy way to explore the advantages of TASKING compiler technology for Infineon AURIX microcontrollers," said Harm-Andre, TASKING Product Manager. "Our partnership with Infineon has allowed us to develop a free toolset that provides the embedded software developers around the world with the complete TASKING TriCore compiler experience with no compromises to features and performance."

Engineers can use the toolset to develop automotive applications that require high standards of safety, reliability and performance for the AURIX variants within the TriCore microprocessor family.

The move enables embedded software developers to explore the TASKING compiler technology with access to the major features included in the full toolset. The AURIX Configuration Tools (ACT) includes: Integrated Pin Mapper; Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) for TriCore and a Software Platform Builder.