Silicon Labs simplifies IoT development

1 min read

Silicon Labs has announced a major upgrade to its Integrated Developer Environment (IDE) with the launch of Simplicity Studio 5.

This latest version of Simplicity Studio offers the same access and developer experience across a wide range of wireless protocols, all within a central web-style user interface.

The latest release of this software suite is intended to simplify the development of wireless System-on-Chips (SoCs) and modules, microcontrollers, and other embedded products for IoT devices. Simplicity Studio 5 also provides IoT device developers with the same access, security configuration, and code portability across IoT SoCs and modules, significantly reducing device development time.

“IoT developers face a wide-range of technical challenges, including optimising for performance, power, size, multiprotocol coexistence, and security,” explained Matt Johnson, senior vice president of IoT at Silicon Labs. “They also face business pressures including timelines, certifications, and code reuse. Simplicity Studio 5 is a free, state-of-the-art development platform that addresses these pain points and makes the creation of smart applications faster and easier. It is a unification point for all of Silicon Labs’ wireless technologies, and helps developers easily create sophisticated, flexible, multiprotocol products with OpenThread and Bluetooth Dynamic Multiprotocol technologies without having to know every implementation detail.”

Leveraging feedback from users Silicon Labs has reengineered the Simplicity Studio platform to address IoT developer pain points and help users of all experience levels get started with fast resource accessibility and the ability to quickly develop, prototype, and deploy connected devices.

Simplicity Studio 5 features a modern user interface, optimised workflows, improved performance, and debug and analysis capability to help developers get wireless solutions to market faster.

It has also been designed to intelligently recognise all evaluation and development kits released by Silicon Labs and then make appropriate SDKs, tools, and development resources readily available to the user.