Siemens looks to transform emulation and prototyping with Veloce CS system

2 mins read

Siemens Digital Industries Software has announced the launch of the Veloce CS hardware-assisted verification and validation system.

In what is being described as a first for the EDA (Electronic Design Automation) industry, Veloce CS incorporates hardware emulation, enterprise prototyping and software prototyping and is built on two highly advanced integrated circuits (ICs). These are the Siemens designed Crystal accelerator chip for emulation and the AMD Versal Premium VP1902 FPGA adaptive SoC (System-on-a-chip) for enterprise and software prototyping.

The solution comprises of three new offerings:

  • Veloce Strato CS hardware for emulation.
  • Veloce Primo CS hardware for enterprise prototyping.
  • Veloce proFPGA CS hardware for software prototyping.

These solutions have been architected for congruency, speed, and modularity across all platforms and the Veloce CS system supports design sizes from 40 million gates, up to designs integrating more than 40+ billion gates.

In addition, Veloce CS executes full system workloads with improved visibility and congruency by selecting the right tool for each specific task, as each has unique requirements. This enables much faster time to project completion and assists in decreasing cost per verification cycle.

Siemens has worked with key customers and partners to develop the hardware and a new, fully unified software architecture:

  • Veloce Strato CS delivers significant emulation performance improvement over Veloce Strato, up to 5x maintaining full visibility and it scales from 40 million gates (MG) to 40+ billion gates (BG).
  • Veloce Primo CS, based on AMD’s latest Versal Premium VP1902 FPGA, is the industry’s most congruent enterprise prototyping system, and it also scales from 40MG to 40+BG.
  • Both solutions run on the same operating system, which delivers exceptional congruency while providing the freedom to seamlessly move between platforms. This can dramatically accelerate ramp up, setup time, debug, and workload execution.
  • Veloce proFPGA CS, which also leverages the AMD Versal Premium VP1902 FPGA-based adaptive SoC delivers fast and comprehensive SW prototyping solution, with scaling from one FPGA to hundreds. This improved performance, together with its highly flexible and modular design, can help customers dramatically accelerate firmware, operating system, application development and system integration tasks.

The entire Veloce CS system is available in a modular blade configuration that is fully compliant with modern datacentre requirements for easy installation, low power, improved cooling, and compact footprints.

Further, the Veloce proFPGA CS solution provides a desktop lab version for additional user flexibility.

Veloce CS is qualified to run with the latest AMD EPYC CPU-powered HP DL385g11 servers.

Customers have access to a comprehensive portfolio of apps and solutions, common across all three new Veloce CS system offerings.

Commenting Jean-Marie Brunet, vice president and general manager, Hardware-Assisted Verification, Siemens Digital Industries Software, said, “With the Veloce CS system, we are addressing the specific needs of hardware, software, and system engineers who all play an essential part in delivering the world’s most advanced electronic products. By providing the right tool for the task, Veloce CS innovations speed up the entire verification process, and lower total cost of ownership, which can boost profitability.”