Seoul Robotics set to deliver 3D perception solutions to the UK

2 mins read

Seoul Robotics, a 3D perception solutions company, has announced a value-added reseller (VAR) partnership with Digiflec to supply its 3D sensor software, SENSR-I, to customers in the UK.

SENSR-I is able to process data from 3D sensors that are placed on static infrastructure to deliver advanced insights for both indoor and outdoor applications. Through the partnership with Digiflec, Seoul Robotics will be able to leverage vertical partnerships to support much broader adoption across multiple market segments and meet the increasing demand for 3D systems.

“Infrastructure-based 3D perception unlocks a range of largely unexplored applications that have the power to transform across industries, from understanding how vehicles move within our cities, to how people interact within a retail environment,” said William Muller, Vice President of Business Development at Seoul Robotics. “Our partnership with Digiflec will deliver versatile, turn-key solutions to the UK market and enable previously unachievable insights.”

The hardware- and sensor-agnostic design of SENSR-I allows the end user to develop a tailor-made solution based on distance, granularity and computational needs, making the solution flexible, cost-effective and easy to implement for a range of applications. The software’s versatility is furthered by an ability to support everything from central processing to edge computing, enabling SENSR-I to be deployed in virtually any environment, broadening industry applications to factories and venues, for example.

Historically, the adverse weather conditions in the UK have made it difficult to garner accurate 3D data. Equipped with dynamic weather-filtering AI, SENSR-I ensures the highest level of accuracy in all conditions, including heavy snow and rain, without the high computational costs of continuous operation.

“The UK market for 3D perception solutions is expanding rapidly, and smart cities will be the one of the next major growth areas,” said Steven Gillan, Director at Digiflec. “SENSR-I is powering a new era of applications and insights, as well as furthering our vision to create a smart rural environment that improves Scotland’s countryside and cultivates a positive relationship with the environment.”

A good example involves Seoul Robotics and Digiflec deploying the UK’s first LiDAR-based traffic monitoring system in collaboration with Stirling Council as part of the Smart Village Air Quality project. The solution detects and classifies traffic, making note of time and volume. This information is then cross-referenced with weather and air quality data to determine potential correlation. The ultimate goal of this project is to better understand and raise awareness of the factors that contribute to poor air quality.

In addition, Digiflec is working with a third-party data analytics company to implement SENSR-I in schools and high street retail for insights into building occupancy and traffic flow. This solution addresses common privacy concerns because the data is non-biometric, while still enabling organizations to gain access to critical data insights. Ultimately, SENSR-I’s data will improve safety and customer service, ensuring that space and energy is optimised, and informing and measuring regeneration project decisions.