Quanergy’s LiDAR software delivers PTZ camera control automation

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Quanergy Systems, a provider of LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and smart perception solutions, has unveiled the latest version of its perception software platform, QORTEX DTC 2.1.

The platform is able to deliver automated real-time PTZ camera control that's suitable for security, smart space, and smart city applications.

The QORTEX DTC 2.1 features a new rules engine that automates PTZ camera control, point cloud recordings, and network actions based on real-time events. This functionality is able to eliminate the need for manual operator intervention and control, reducing operating costs while improving the efficiency of security workforces. In addition, the latest version of the software features auto-calibration of LiDAR sensors and PTZ cameras to simplify installation and configuration.

The software platform also features a 30% performance improvement in object processing, enabling simultaneous tracking of up to 300 objects. In addition, the QORTEX DTC 2.1 now supports Docker-based environments.

QORTEX is a core proprietary perception software platform compatible with Quanergy's suite of 3D LiDAR sensors. A flexible, scalable platform it uses machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to enable smart awareness of the 3D world to enhance safety and security, improve efficiency, and save costs.

The QORTEX Flow Management Platform includes:

  • QORTEX DTC (Detect, Track, Classify): Essentially, the brains of Quanergy’s Flow Management Platform, it enables reliable and real-time tracking of people and vehicles for security, and smart cities and spaces applications. QORTEX DTC generates rich data that includes location, direction, speed, and type of objects detected. Through its API, end users, system integrators and application developers can build analytics and business intelligence tools to monitor and automate critical processes such as reducing traffic accidents, protecting sensitive environments, and increasing efficiency in retail environments.
  • QORTEX People Counter: Built from the QORTEX perception software and Quanergy’s S3-2 solid state LiDAR sensor, this integrated software/hardware solution incorporates machine learning and 3D perception algorithms to scan the sensor’s field of view, analyse point clouds, and provide anonymised data on detected persons in real-time with 98% accuracy. In addition, the S3-2 Series LiDAR sensor uses SensorFusion technology to enable accurate people counting across doors and openings of virtually any width.