Samsung Foundry certifies Cadence Voltus-XFi custom power integrity solution

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Cadence Design Systems has announced that its Voltus-XFi Custom Power Integrity solution is now optimised and certified for use with Samsung Foundry’s advanced 5LPE process technology.

Joint customers will now be able to integrate the Voltus-XFi solution with Samsung Foundry’s PDKs to create ICs for next-generation hyperscale computing, mobile, automotive, and AI applications.

This latest certification is an ongoing collaboration between Cadence and Samsung Foundry to ensure customers have access to the advanced design software they need to create new ICs using the latest advances in semiconductor foundry technology.

Cadence created the Voltus-XFi solution to help customers extract, simulate, analyse, and debug IC designs. By utilising Samsung Foundry-recommended settings, the consolidated EM-IR cockpit offers customers a comprehensive workflow - from Cadence’s Quantus Extraction Solution, Spectre X Simulator and Virtuoso ADE Product Suite to Virtuoso Layout Suite.

The Voltus-XFi solution’s intuitive EM-IR results browser summarises the EM-IR information and highlights violations, along with details on resistance value, metal layer, width, and length information. The EM-IR results are then directly annotated in Virtuoso Layout and make it easy for engineers to identify and fix the problem area.

“Through our longstanding collaboration with Cadence, we’ve provided our customers with the powerful, leading-edge IC design tools they need to quickly and efficiently develop chips on our most advanced foundry processes,” said Sang-Yun Kim, vice president of the Foundry Design Technology Team at Samsung Electronics.

Commenting Tom Beckley, senior vice president and general manager in the Custom IC & PCB Group at Cadence, added, “With Samsung’s certification of the Voltus-XFi solution, customers can design innovative new ICs that leverage the high-performance and lower power consumption of Samsung’s advanced 5LPE foundry technology.”