RS unveils Better World product range

2 mins read

RS Group has announced the launch of its Better World product range in a move designed to help engineers select more sustainable products.

Products in the range have made sustainability improvements and are supported by trusted certifications and eco-labels, making it easier for RS customers to make more informed purchasing decisions based on the sustainability credentials of products.

In addition, a major focus of the range will be on products that save energy or water and cut CO2 emissions, thereby helping customers to reduce their environmental impacts and help tackle climate change. To achieve this, RS is working closely with its 2,500 global supplier partners to highlight the latest innovative cleaner and greener product solutions as part of the range.

While sustainability is increasingly a top business priority, it is challenging for individuals and businesses to understand which products or services have or are able to provide environmental, social and governance (ESG) improvements.

Market research studies have found that 89% of B2B buyers say if it was easier to identify sustainably certified products, they would be more likely to purchase more sustainable products (Amazon Business State of Business Procurement Report). 55% of B2B buyers with sustainability goals say it’s difficult to source suppliers that follow sustainable practices and, among this group, 81% of buyers agree this difficulty is holding their company back from achieving procurement sustainability goals (Amazon Business State of Business Procurement Report).

RS is looking to make it simpler for people to identify its Better World range: each product in the range is tagged with a Better World badge, and with a simple click customers can read about the product’s sustainability certification or energy label, which have been accredited by expert organisations.

To deliver on this goal, the company partnered with trusted experts and selected more than 40 sustainability certifications and energy labels to highlight key products that meet or exceed sustainability standards and are better for the environment.

However, according to RS, this is just the beginning. Over the coming year, the company will further develop its model to recognise multiple improvements in sustainability at different stages of the product lifecycle. Ultimately, the aim is that RS will offer tens of thousands more products that are both made more sustainably and help customers lower their environmental impacts.

“Sustainability is a top priority for our customers. They want to purchase trusted products that are sustainably and responsibly made, and which help them to reduce their energy, water or resource consumption. But we know it can be hard to understand which products really are the best or the ‘greener’ choice,” said Christian Horn, Chief Product and Supply Chain Officer at RS. “The Better World product range will make it easier for our customers to be informed and select products that will help them design, build, maintain and protect their business more sustainably and safely.”

The Better World range is now available initially in the UK with roll-out in other geographical markets following later.