Pocket-sized 20MHz oscilloscope

An ultra-compact oscilloscope with a footprint approximately the size of a passport and a thickness of 19mm, has been launched by RS Components.

The RS Pro 2205A-20 is the smallest oscilloscope in the RS Pro range. Connected and powered via USB, it offers a bandwidth of 20MHz and features an arbitrary waveform generator.

According to RS, specifications include a maximum sampling rate of 200MS/s, software-enhanced resolution up to 12 bits and high-speed USB streaming up to 1MS/s for waveform captures of up to 100 million samples in length.

Input range is selectable from ±50mV to ±20V. The signal integrity has less than 150 microvolts RMS noise and –50dB harmonic distortion, making it suitable for a range of analogue and digital applications.

The built-in signal source can act as a standard signal generator (sine, square, triangle and others) with programmable sweep or as a 12-bit 1.5 MS/s full-function arbitrary waveform generator.

The two-channel scope includes features such as an FFT spectrum analyser, 16K samples of segmented capture memory, math channels, automatic time-domain and frequency-domain measurements, colour persistence and XY display modes and mask limit testing.

RS says that advanced digital triggering produces highly stable waveforms with accurate single-LSB threshold resolution. The serial decoding function (CAN bus, LIN bus, SPI, I2C, I2S, UART and more) presents results in tabular and colour-coded graphical formats, with powerful filtering, search and export options. The free software for Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 runs on a PC and can be resized to use as much or as little of the screen as required. Captured waveforms can be printed for use in reports, share files with colleagues, or export data for analysis.