Renesas launches MPUs designed for entry-level AI-enabled applications.

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Renesas has expanded its RZ/V Series of microprocessors (MPUs) with the addition of RZ/V2L MPUs that have been designed for entry-level AI-enabled applications.

As part of the RZ/V Series, these MPUs incorporate Renesas’ exclusive AI accelerator – the DRP-AI (Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor) – which looks to make embedded AI easier and more power efficient.

The RZ/V2L shares several features with its predecessor, the RZ/V2M, such as high-precision AI inference capabilities combined with power efficiency. It also includes optimisations such as tailoring the DRP-AI operating frequency and memory interface for an entry-level MPU.

The DRP-AI provides both real-time AI inference and image processing functions - capabilities that are essential for camera support such as colour correction and noise reduction. This enables customers to develop AI-based vision applications, such as point-of-sale (POS) terminals and robot vacuum cleaners, without requiring an external image signal processor (ISP).

In addition, the RZ/V2L’s power efficiency eliminates the need for heat dissipation measures such as heat sinks or cooling fans.

As a result, according to Renesas, AI can be implemented cost efficiently not only in surveillance cameras and industrial equipment, but also in a wide range of applications including home appliances and consumer electronics.

The RZ/V2L is also package- and pin-compatible with existing general-purpose MPUs, which will allow RZ/G2L users to upgrade to the RZ/V2L for additional AI functions without needing to modify the system configuration, keeping migration costs low.

“Our new entry-level AI accelerator products provide customers with the flexibility to select the most suitable product from a wide range of MPU offerings,” said Hiroto Nitta, Senior Vice President and Head of SoC Business in the IoT and Infrastructure Business Unit at Renesas. “These AI-optimised solutions will expand the use of embedded AI to a wider range of applications such as home appliances and consumer electronics, as customers can now implement AI capability with lower system costs.”

As part of the the RZ/V2L development environment, Renesas is also offering a complimentary DRP-AI Translator, a tool that automatically converts AI models into an executable format. The input format is the industry-standard Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX).

Developers can leverage the DRP-AI while using the tools they are accustomed to, allowing them to immediately start using the RZ/V2L to evaluate AI models based on proven learning data.