Renesas and Magna develop 3D surround view system

Renesas and Magna have developed a new cost-efficient 3D surround view system for entry- and mid-range vehicles

The 3D surround view system uses Renesas’ high-performance, low-power system-on-chips (SoC) and Magna's 3D surround view system to provide a 360-degree panoramic view to assist drivers when parking or performing low speed operations.

Drivers can adjust the view of their surroundings with a simple-to-use interface, while object detection alerts drivers about obstacles in their path. The system provides drivers a realistic 360-degree view of their environment, a significant upgrade to the bird’s-eye view offered by existing parking assist systems.

The innovative, ready-to-use system minimises integration time and development costs, making the system an easy, cost-efficient option for automakers.

Several automakers have already expressed strong interest in the technology, including a European automaker, which will be the first to integrate the 3D surround view system into a future vehicle.