Rapid Silicon launches Vega eFPGA IP for programmable solutions

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Rapid Silicon, a provider of AI and intelligent edge-focused FPGAs based on open-source technology, has launched its Vega eFPGA IP.

The Vega eFPGA IP is an embeddable standalone FPGA IP core, which is flexible, powerful and efficient enabling a programmable solution for a SoC.

The customisable and scalable architecture allows the design of custom eFPGA IP from 1.5K to 100K+ Logic Cells, configurable BRAM and DSP MAC tiles. The eFPGA IP also comes with IO tiles covering all sides of the IP to ensure easy SoC integration. The Vega IP also includes FPGA configuration block to simplify eFPGA configuration and can be configured with different combinations of CLB, BRAM and DSP tiles.

Commenting on the launch Naveed Sherwani, CEO of Rapid Silicon, said, "With its highly configurable architecture, customers can tailor the Vega IP to meet their specific needs. The Raptor Design Suite makes it easy for customers to integrate the IP into their SoCs, reducing time-to-market and development costs. We are excited to see the innovative solutions our customers will create with the Vega eFPGA IP."

The Vega eFPGA IP is built based on foundry specific standard cells, which makes it easier to port to different foundry and technology nodes. It is also simple to embed into a SoC and comes with configurable input/output, clocking, and test/DFT pins.

Vega IP also comes with soft FPGA configuration logic and can be integrated with a SoC using the JTAG or APB interface.

Vega IP has an internal power grid which can be connected to the customer’s digital SoC power grid. It is highly configurable and can be ported easily to other technology nodes.

The Vega eFPGA IP license comes with Raptor Design Suite - the industry's only commercially available open-source tool-chain for FPGA – and includes Simulation, Synthesis, Placement, Routing, Bitstream Generation & Configuration.

Raptor has integrated LiteX and Migen IP management integration for easier IP integration. The design suite also comes with Rapid Power Estimator for IP power estimation and RapidGPT plug-in for VSCode for FPGA design productivity improvements.