QuantWare launches Foundry Services for superconducting quantum chips

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QuantWare, a provider of superconducting quantum processors, has launched Foundry Services to provide an alternative to anyone wanting to fabricate their own Superconducting Quantum Chips without having in-house fabrication capabilities.

Fabrication and production of quantum computing hardware currently is very capital intensive, requiring a team of highly skilled fabrication engineers and access to cleanroom facilities. These high barriers of entry limit innovation in the field of quantum computing.

QuantWare said that it wants to lower the barrier to entry into the quantum computing space by offering its excess fabrication capacity to third parties. This will help to accelerate research and innovation by making additional fabrication processes available to everyone

“Opening up our Foundry capabilities for the design of others massively lowers the barrier to build a quantum computer”, said Matthijs Rijlaarsdam, Co-Founder and CEO of QuantWare. “It also prepares our company for future large-scale processors that, like in Semicon, will feature IP from different sources. We believe it to be a big step towards our mission to accelerate the advent of the quantum computer”