Quantifi Photonics launches QCA Series high-speed communication analyser

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Quantifi Photonics, a photonics test and measurement instrument manufacturer, is launching the QCA Series High-Speed Communication Analyser at DesignCon 2024.

The QCA Series is a digital sampling oscilloscope designed to offer cost-effective performance and enable manufacturers of next-gen interconnects to overcome a critical testing roadblock of scaling production to high volumes.

The series exhibits ultra-low jitter performance and instrument density is intended to perform high-precision measurements in parallel providing optimised test throughput and a reduction in the cost-of-test in high-volume testing and manufacturing applications.

The QCA Series has been designed to be easily integrated into existing assembly and alignment equipment used to manufacture next-generation interconnects.

The QCA Series targets applications across 100-800G and 1.6T Ethernet, emerging Co-Packaged Optics and In-package Optical I/O, and computer interfaces such as PCI Express and USB.

Initially, the QCA is available as an electrical version for 25G NRZ and 26.6/53.1 Gigabaud PAM4 and will be followed by an optical version.  To facilitate the triggering of the QCA for optimum measurement accuracy particularly for DSP-based technologies, Quantifi Photonics will also be offering the QCR Series of Clock Recovery modules. Powering the QCA is the easy-to-use VISEYE analysis software and graphical user interface.

Dr. Andy Stevens, CEO of Quantifi Photonics said, “We've developed a truly scalable and capable oscilloscope platform, addressing a critical gap in the market for high-volume testing and manufacturing for optical and electrical interconnects. With this launch, we're poised to fundamentally transform the sector by substantially reducing the total cost of ownership for oscilloscopes and empower our customers with test solutions for the next-generation of communication technologies.”