Quanta and Ambarella look to develop new range of Edge AI solutions

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Quanta Computer and Ambarella are expanding their collaborative efforts to now include developments using Ambarella’s CV3-AD, CV7 and new N1 series AI systems-on-chip (SoCs), marking a significant capabilities advancement for cutting-edge AI products.

These offerings have been developed to address market demand for a diverse range of neural network and large language models, spanning from millions to billions of parameters. Notably, these solutions are characterised by lower power consumption and a more efficient data handling capabilities.

Ambarella is a developer of advanced SoC hardware architecture while Quanta’s has extensive expertise in creating AI Box and PCIe add-in cards. It is hoped that the greater synergy between the two will empower businesses across sectors, including autonomous vehicles, smart surveillance, robotics, and healthcare.

"We are excited to collaborate with Ambarella on CV3-AD, CV7 and N1-powered products that provide groundbreaking AI visual system solutions," said Alan Chai, Senior Vice president at Quanta. "The fusion of Quanta's engineering prowess with Ambarella's latest generation of AI SoCs will unlock new frontiers for AI applications, by delivering SoMs, PCIe cards, edge devices and even full turnkey solutions. We look forward to the transformative impact these solutions will have across diverse sectors."

According to Fermi Wang, president and CEO of Ambarella, "This wider collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of what AI technology can achieve, enabling highly efficient convolutional neural networks and generative AI processing for the next generation of edge AI devices."