Pragmatic opens UK’s first 300nm semiconductor wafer manufacturing facility

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Pragmatic Semiconductor has opened the UK’s first 300mm semiconductor wafer fabrication line (fab) at Pragmatic Park in Durham.

Credit: Pragmatic Semiconductor

The advanced manufacturing facility produces chips based on Pragmatic’s flexible integrated circuit technology. These FlexICs are low-cost, more sustainable alternatives to silicon chips, ultra-thin, with a flexible form factor they enable connect, sense and compute capabilities, fuelling the Internet of Things (IoT) across multiple sectors.

The company is working to provide item level intelligence to trillions of smart objects across a wide range of applications with significant opportunities in smart packaging of fast-moving consumer goods that will significantly improve levels of reuse and recycling and enabling a circular economy. Other use cases include wearables, sensors and flexible controllers.

Pragmatic Park has capacity to host up to nine fabrication lines, each capable of producing billions of chips per year.

Pragmatic has taken a sustainable manufacturing approach, using fewer process steps and a more concentrated footprint, than standard silicon fabs. The company’s optimised manufacturing process supports extremely rapid production cycles of less than 48 hours, at very low cost. The manufacturing process also uses significantly less energy and less water than typical silicon manufacturing, and fewer harmful gases.

Pragmatic’s modular ‘Fab-in-a-Box’ approach, supports co-location of end-to-end FlexIC manufacturing at customers sites, rationalising extended supply chains and providing additional levels of security and resilience. The manufacturing facility enables the company to meet the growing demand for its technology from customers worldwide. Over the next five years Pragmatic anticipates creating over 500 highly skilled jobs in the North-East of England and Cambridge.

Commenting David Moore, CEO, Pragmatic Semiconductor said. "This is a key milestone in Pragmatic’s growth trajectory and for the UK on the global semiconductor stage. Sustainability is at the very core of our technology and extends to how FlexICs enable our customers to further drive innovations and pathways through their products and services towards global net zero goals.”