Neurala looks to bring vision AI to manufacturers

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Neurala, the vision AI company, has announced the launch of the Neurala VIA Authorized Partner program, to help manufacturers leverage the power of vision AI to improve quality inspection and adapt to fluctuating consumer demand.

Neurala VIA Authorized Partners form a global network of integrators and distributors with expertise in helping and supporting manufacturers adopt automation and implement Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The company's channel program is intended to bring broader adoption and accessibility to Neurala VIA software, an integrated solution to help manufacturers improve quality inspection on the production line while enabling them to also scale production.

Neurala’s partner program will ensure that distributors and systems integrators play a more central role in enabling manufacturers to implement vision AI in order to adapt. In cases where deep learning has previously been too costly or time-intensive to implement, this represents a significant paradigm shift and offers strong return on investment.

“For years, the manufacturing industry has faced disruption with the onset of Industry 4.0. That trend has only accelerated in recent months, as the industry adapts to irregular patterns in consumer demands, heightened pressures on machine utilization, and changes in workforce availability,” said Neurala co-founder and CEO Max Versace. “In speaking with our end users and our partners, it’s clear that partnering with local experts is the key to helping manufacturers succeed.

"That’s the driving force behind the Neurala VIA Authorized Partner program: to help our partners better serve their customers, and in turn, to help manufacturers maintain the quality control that we all rely on.”

Neurala VIA Authorized Partners feature companies from around the globe, including:

  • IndustLabs, an industrial automation technology company based out of Texas.
  • Menzel Vision and Robotics, a vision systems integrator headquartered in India.
  • Quipu Consulting, a South American systems integration firm providing automation solutions for industrial companies.
  • Riverbed Technologies, an African provider of state-of-the-art automation and engineering solutions for industrial applications.
  • Ubiquitous AI, a Japanese automotive technology provider famous for its compact, efficient and fast embedded software solutions.

“AI-powered inspections are a tremendous complement to traditional machine vision; however, the cost and complexity of traditional AI solutions has posed a significant barrier to entry for manufacturers,” said Aaditya Soneja of Menzel Vision & Robotics. "We’ve joined Neurala’s partner program to address a critical need. With Neurala VIA’s lightweight hardware requirements and flexible interoperability, we’re able to design and deploy the right inspection solution at a price point that makes sense for the business case. It’s a significant leap forward to pervasive adoption.”