Neurala looks to accelerate AI for Industry 4.0 Initiatives

1 min read

AI software company Neurala has announced a strategic partnership with IMA Group to deliver AI solutions for industrial machines, focused on field testing of AI that provides intelligence from data that’s collected through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems.

IMA specialises in the design and manufacture of automation equipment and its partnership with Neurala is the latest in the company’s efforts to help industrial organisations realise Industry 4.0 initiatives, with AI and automation playing a key role.

“As the IIoT becomes more commonplace – with dozens of sensors and cameras gathering product data, as well as basic diagnostics from industrial equipment – manufacturers will need human-level AI that can extract actionable insights from that data at the compute edge,” said Max Versace, CEO and Co-Founder, Neurala.

“Data without AI is not useful, and off-the-shelf cloud-based AI tends not to be cut out for the manufacturing floor. Unlike traditional AI solutions, Neurala’s technology is trained at the edge, enabling it to continuously learn based on manufacturers’ data as it varies across specific machines and production runs.”

Neurala will work with IMA to deliver its technology directly on industrial machines, at the compute edge, allowing operators to quickly and independently set up advanced AI systems without requiring specialised expertise.