MonTitan platform looks to address data centre and enterprise storage applications

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Silicon Motion Technology, a leading designer of NAND flash controllers and solid-state storage devices, has announced the MonTitan platform.

This is PCIe Gen5 SSD solution platform intended for challenging data centre and enterprise applications.

The MonTitan platform features an entirely new, purpose-built ASIC and FW architecture optimised for performance and QoS. A Layered FW stack enables the development of customer differentiated solutions with a high degree of flexibility and accelerated time to market.

“SSD storage solutions evolve as new data centre challenges emerge. This then demands a change in storage platforms and operating models,” said Nelson Duann, Silicon Motion’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and R&D. “Our MonTitan SSD solution is an innovative PCIe Gen5 SSD platform designed to satisfy the unique demands of datacentres, while providing flexibility and programmability to meet future evolving standards.”

MonTitan is described as a high-performance, user-programmable PCIe Gen5 platform utilising Silicon Motion’s 3rd Generation NVMe controller family, the SM8366, supporting OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD and NVMe 2.0 specifications. By leveraging proprietary PerformaShape and NANDCommand technology, MonTitan is able to deliver a combination of much improved performance and QoS with industry-leading security.

The platform features proprietary technology such as:

PerformaShape, which provides ASIC-based QoS sets using HW isolation to ensure maximum BW performance while maximizing user-defined individual performance elements (QOS, Latency, RR/RW, power) and,

NANDCommand which maximizes the Enterprise performance of next-generation NAND geometries with exceptional LDPC error correction and endurance extension for QLC and beyond.

“Silicon Motion’s launch of the MonTitan SSD solutions platform provides an interesting development vehicle with their Layered FW stack and flexible architecture to enable application-oriented solutions like QLC and ZNS SSDs,” said Feng Zhu, Director of Engineering & Architect, Alibaba Cloud.

The MonTitan SM8366 ASIC is a dual-ported Enterprise and Data Centre PCIe Gen5 x4 NVMe controller with 16 channels supporting up to 2400MT/s.

The SM8366 provides fast 4K Sequential (> 14GB/s) and Random (>3.0M IOPS) SSD performance and contains a scalable Single / Dual Channel 40bit DDR4-3200 / DDR5-4800 DRAM interface. The high-performance SM8366 with the MonTitan platform is seen as providing a flexible, high-integrity solution to enable a new standard of data centre SSD design.