Molex’s BittWare extends portfolio of FPGA-based products

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BittWare, a Molex company, and a supplier of enterprise-class NVMe computational storage products that feature FPGA technology, has announced the launch of the 250-M2D Accelerator Module.

This FPGA-based Computational Storage Processor (CSP) has been designed to meet the new Open Compute M.2 Accelerator Module standard intended to operate in Glacier Point carrier cards for Yosemite servers. These feature-rich, dense servers are used by hyperscale and cloud companies to improve the performance density and energy-efficiency of machine learning platforms.

The 250-M2D features a fully programmable Xilinx Kintex UltraScale+ FPGA directly coupled to two banks of local DDR4 memory and can be programmed by customers developing in-house capabilities, or delivered as ready-to-run pre-configured solutions featuring application IP from Eideticom, a specialist in the fast growing Computational Storage market.

These solutions can be purchased directly from BittWare’s parent company, Molex, while a version specifically for recommendation models, complete with software for easy integration from deep learning frameworks, is available from

“Our continued investment in NVMe-based Computational Storage products, plus exciting collaborations with application experts such as, will help our customers innovate quicker and with lower risk,” said Craig Petrie, vice president marketing at BittWare. “FPGAs offer unique and valuable capabilities. It is essential that there is a supplier who can deliver and support higher-quality volume deployments. BittWare is in the unique position to drive technology advancements while simultaneously delivering enterprise-class product.”